Doris Xiaoyu Chen
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TrustedHousesitters is an amazing online service, it provides animal lovers who don't have

a pet an opportunity to travel and live like a local whilst having the experience of living with, and

caring for beautiful pets. It also provides the pet owners the experience of travel with the peace of

mind knowing their pets will be well cared for even when they’re away.




TrustedHousesitters is running a campaign called ‘Pets Unlock the World’.


Create one or two images (using stock, our images, your own or illustration) for this campaign that

summarises the travel freedom that TrustedHousesitters brings. Think about what pets unlocking

the world means, to both our sitters and owners.


These images could be used for a display banner, an email header or on the site itself.


Colours to use for any illustration or text (should you want to do any) are:






Here are some ideas I have come out for the campaign banner:


Idear 1


Sharing is caring. We use photos and videos to document the amazing moments in life every day to share with

our friends, family, and the world. This series of banners give us a glimpse into the life of TrustedHousesitters

members, sharing their lovely memories and incredible travel experiences with TrustedHousesitters.


These wonderful adventures are not just unlocked in their world, through showing these photos, it will also unlock

a whole new world to those who haven't had the experience to travel like a local, or travel with the peace of mind

knowing their pets will be well cared for even when they’re away.


Idea 2 example 1.jpg
Idea 2 example 2.jpg



This idea could potentially turn into an online campaign – remember those cute videos made by Facebook to celebrate

your friendship and anniversaries? This idea could be adapted to something similar, but with a much

longer lasting impression.


Through giving the TrustedHousesitters members an opportunity to upload their warm memories with their furry

companions whilst showing the incredible travel experiences they had with TrustedHousesitters, they can then

create a Facebook cover via these design templates, using it as their Facebook cover to show their

love of TrustedHousesitters to their friends and family.


Idea 2


Let the experience speak for itself. Inspiring image working collectively with "Pets Unlock the World".


Together they paint an incredible picture and shows that the freedom and joy that TrustedHousesitters

create for both pet sitters, owner, and the pets.

Idea 3 example 1.jpg
Idea 3 example 2.jpg
Idea 3 example 3.jpg

Idear 3


A pet is silhouetted to form a keyhole, to represent the opportunity to unlock your next travel adventure

with TrustedHousesitters.


The surrounding landmarks and points of interest from different parts of the world represent the incredible

number of countries that TrustedHousesitters members explore every day.


Idea 1 example 1.jpg
Idea 1 example 2.jpg

The silhouetted pet keyhole is a highly adaptable design, it could be adapted to show different types of

pets, and the surrounding landmarks could also be changed too, creating the possibility of a whole series

of different pets and locations around the world.

Idea 1 example 3.jpg

This banner summarizes the travel freedom and incredible experiences that TrustedHousesitters opens up

to both sitters, owners, and their pets.