Doris Xiaoyu Chen
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Something Old Becomes Something New

Something Old Becomes Something New


<Something Old Becomes Something New> is my graduation project.


I had a lot of fun making this book – Searching for vintage stores in London, and interviewing

the shop owners about what 'vintage' means to them and what's changed over the years, and I

have got to photograph the amazing stores.


I have always had a soft spot for vintage items, and that's what got me started with this project,

I wanted to make a book that's for the vintage lovers out there like me, and also to promote

these incredible places and wonderful people.


To whom's mother tongue isn't english, and only knew very little about photography, I was also

living in Coventry and had to commute almost everyday to London, it was a challenge, but the

excitement of searching and visiting interesting places and meeting lovely people was what

kept me going back for more each time. 


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