Doris Xiaoyu Chen
The door to hell copy.jpg




LuckyTrip is a fantastic travel iOS app that features the most increadible alternative holiday destinations

and experience for the millennial traveler, just set your budget and let the “lucky” button decide where

would be your next amazing holiday.





Design an article cover for the ‘New This Week’ feed on the LuckyTrip iOS app, it can be an imagined

event or place.


Here's my ideas:



Idea 1


Inspired by the Bronte ocean pool, through adapting the ocean pool’s lane rope and numbers, and

paring with a modern and fresh looking typeface, this combo resulted in an almost logo like title.


This design not only helps to emphasise the content of the article and is visually pleasing, it’s also

memorable and truly transports the audience to the environment. 


33 copy.jpg

Idea 2


This is a cave of crystals which are located in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico.


With the atmosphere of this place and the explorers in the image, this out of space looking

place shows a lot of resemblance to the lm “2001: A Space Odyssey”, which is what inspired

me to create this concept.


The colour of the design is inspired by the bright orange colour of the explorers’ suits (which

also look a lot like the suit that is featured in the lm), and the shape is a take on the shape and

dimension of the crystal pillars in the cave. They work together translating the location and

energy to the audience.


Crystal Cave.jpg

Idea 3


This massive flame-filled crater in Turkmenistan has earned itself a rather spot on name:

The gate to hell.


The idea behind this design is to create an indie lm style title. Using an elegant yet stylish typeface

to soften the name of the location, it also signi es that it’s the beginning of a memorable journey,

story and experience. 



Idea 4


Is this a painting? Most people will be fooled by this image, and won’t believe that this is actually a

photograph of a location that actually exists on earth! Located at Namibia, this is a rather surreal

looking place called Deadveli.


This design is an attempt to mimic the two-dimensional visual illusion that this place gives us, and

to further emphasise the fact that this place really does look like a surrealist painting.


22 copy.jpg

Idea 5


This is purely an imaginary place on Mars, but who says it can’t actually come true in the future?


Imagine being away from the crowded travel spots, leaving the earth behind, and be able to admire this

beautiful planet from a completely different angle. This is the unique place for you. It’s peaceful, eerie,

yet beautiful.


The design is simple yet futuristic. Playing with the re ection, the text blends into the image gracefully,

and becomes part of this peaceful and balanced environment.