Doris Xiaoyu Chen
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Freedom From Torture

Freedom From Torture


Freedom From Torture is an organisation that provides counseling, group therapy and ongoing support

for torture survivor.


For this brief, they want to introduce Freedom From Torture to more likeminded potential supporter

thought sharing one of their torture survivors - Ibrahim’s story.


Freedom From Torture hopes through sharing this heartbreaking story and the amazing recovering progress

that Ibrahim’s making with the help from the organisation, the supporters will have a clear understanding

of how Freedom From Torture can help the survivors of torture. 


Idea 1


This is a double – spread magazine design.


Even though Ibrahim is now in safe hands, his horrendous experience and nightmare


of torture still haunts him every night, and it’s still a blur between his night terrors

and real life, which means he is still living his fears daily.


The distorted face is a metaphor of what Ibrahim’s nightmare has done to him. 

FFT 1.jpg

Through showing the audience this image it encourages the audience to take part in

the action of pulling the yellow tags to help Ibrahim back to normal life, and also learn

what their funding can do to help Freedom From Torture to provide for Ibrahim, and

many other torture survivors like him. 

FFT 1.1.jpg

Idea 2


This double – spread magazine design idea is inspired by the EMDR therapy.


Through my research I have learned that the EMDR therapy is not a hypnosis practice, it can’t

erase the patience’s traumatic memories, but it will help to lose the traumatic memory’s

emotional charge, which helps the patient to gain control over their traumatic memories,

and feel better about themselves again.


Ibrahim’s story is designed to be split into two parts, one is the transparent page, and the other

part is on the content page, the audience has to layer the two pages together to read the full

story, but by separating the pages, the audience can see that their action can help to break down

Ibrahim’s traumatic memories, and so encourages the audience to donate to the cause. 

FFT 2.jpg
FFT 2.3.jpg

Detailed Demonstration 

FFT 2.32.jpg

Alternative Design 

FFT 2.12.jpg

Idea 3


This design (scamp) can be used for both magazine and newspaper, which means

it could reach out to more potential supporters.


The Image shows Ibrahim experiencing a night terror from his traumatic memory, he seems

worried and has got sweat all over his forehead and his bed linen. On the left is Ibrahim’s

story/ nightmare – it looks like its naturally layered on top of Ibrahim’s linen, and it seems

smudged by his sweat. On the right, with the crispy clear text, it shows how the supporter’s

action could help Ibrahim from his nightmare. 

FFT 3.jpg