Doris Xiaoyu Chen

Excuse Me, Have You Seen My Ice?

Excuse Me, Have U Seen My Ice?


This is a charity play that's created for children to promote the message of save the polar bears.


The play is made of two parts. The first part is the play itself. Through creation of the loveable

character and intriguing story that's based on the issue, it helps our young audience to be aware

of what climate change does to the arctic, and what they can do to take part to save the polar

bears and protect our environment.


The second part is the after activity. After the play, a poster will be displayed outside of the exit,

with peel off and stick the 'ice' sticker on the back of tickets on to the poster, the audience

can see with their help, no matter how big or small it is, it really makes a difference, in order

to encourage them to be a young environmentalist.




excus 1.jpg
excus 3.jpg




Ticket and Activity Poster


There's a 'ice' sticker on the back of each ticket. 


After the play, a poster will be displayed

outside the exit, all the audiences can peel off the sticker from the back of their tickets and

put it on the large poster to help to extend the ice that the polar bear's standing on.