Doris Xiaoyu Chen


Absolute Handmade Soap


Absolute Handmade Soap is a personal project of mine in which I imagined and created a brand and a

whole new line of soaps, also their branding and packaging.


I uniquely named each soap with an old phrase to make it stand out from more conventional names

of products and also to give them a warm nostalgic feel.


With packaging that literally makes it stand up on the shelf, which can then double as a stand for your bar

of soap at home, this gives it an elegant design which also cuts down on packaging waste at the same time.


I enjoyed building this project; it was a fun challenge I set myself to new ways of design in a minimalistic style,

that is simplistic but also has its personality.








soap 3.jpg


Packaging Detail



Customer can smell the scent through the small holes on the packaging.


A display plate that comes within the packaging, it's not only to display the product,

but also can be used as a soap dish. The idea behind it is to effectively reduce the

waste and make the most of the packaging.


Delivery Packaging




A customised name sticker accompanies a little greeting note, not just to dazzle up the

usual delivery box, but also to make it more personal, and deliver a warm and friendly

feeling that the brand wants their customer to associate them with.